Epico Holding

EPICO GROUP operates in Italy in the field of renewable energy production by small size plants (>100 KW <= 5 MW).

Epico is a limited liability holding with a share capital of 10.000,000 Euros, which retains equity in the companies that own the production facilities.


We invest in hydroelectric power plants that produce energy from renewable sources.

We build and manage our power plants in consideration of the environment and the host communities.


Small plants benefit from some particularly favorable characteristics such as:

  • High returns on invested capital
  • Stable and predictable flows throughout time
  • Priority Dispatch  (No risk of unsold energy and storage)
  • European and national normative in support of small size hydroelectric power plants
  • Incentivized prices for energy sale
  • Risk mitigation
  • Easily identifiable sources for investments
  • Positive environmental impact



  • 43 Hydroelectric power plants
  • 2 Photovoltaic plants
  • 1 Biomass Power plant
  • 16 MW of electrical power installed
  • 63 GWh/year of produced energy


Our growth plan involves the increase of power plants in terms of number, with the objective to reach an electric energy production of 150GWh/year by 2020. Our knowledge allows us to develop, build (or buy) and manage plants that can guarantee steady and predictable cash flows throughout time, creating value for shareholders.